Saturday, 17 September 2011

~ Our Experiences ~

            Asalammualaikum. Hi readers. How are you guys? Hope everything will go smoothly. When writing this, we want to say that this is our special entry, because this is our last entry since our blog is one for our assignments for the subject Fundamental English. Firstly, special thanks to our special English lecturer, Madam Rosiah for her guidance in writing this blog.

             In this few weeks writing this blog, we learned and gained new experience in creating this whether directly or indirectly. When thinking about the benefits, there is a lot of thing that we gained as a new blogger such as we are able to share thought, ideas and opinions with details and this is one of the communication medium.
Other than that, as students, we are able to motivate us to think and question, opportunity to express ideas and for ideas and the important one is improve vocabulary and indirectly we become better readers, improving comprehension and the ability to read critically. Besides that, blogging allows for multiple feedback loops among the networked students, teachers and other interested parties. Learning in a class blog setting is in now social activity.  
Lastly, special thanks to all who supports us especially family and friends and for those that supporting this blog. Till we meet again. Thank you.

Friday, 16 September 2011

What is Dean’s List?

          Dean’s List is a category of students in a college or university who achieve high grades during their stay in an academic term. Besides that, the Dean’s List is an honourly roll assigned to the top students.

            The GPA cut-off to get the Dean’s List varies across faculties and academic terms. The GPA has to be at least 3.6/4.0 or 4.5/5.0 (average of A- and A for all subjects).

              Here, we want to share the 6 key benefits of being a Dean’s Lister:

1. A sense of personal achievement
Getting on the Dean’s List is clearly a great personal achievement to be proud of Dean’s List is not awarded on absolute GPA score; rather it’s on comparative basis with your peers. Being on the Dean’s List means you are pretty much in the top 1-5% of the faculty in terms of academic results.
2. Increasing your employability factor
Ultimately we study in university to get a good job – our best possible job. While results is not the sole determinant behind getting a good job (there are your leadership activities, attitude, personality fit, etc), it is highly important, especially for top jobs with Fortune 100 companies.
3. Invitation to special events
Since you’re among the top in your cohort, you’ll be invited to special events. Most common being networking events with executives from other companies, usually top ones – the ones you might want to join.
4. Exclusive access to top employers
Top companies often hold recruitment events on campus. There are the recruitment seminars to masses, and then there is the exclusive networking sessions with smaller groups – whereby the students are selected on invitation basis. Not surprisingly, the HR in the top companies commonly requests the Dean’s Office to invite students of a certain cut-off GPA.
5. Being on the Dean Office’s radar
When you are on the dean’s list, people in the dean’s office and university career office tend to know you. After all, there are several hundreds of students in the faculty, and only a small handful is selected to be on the dean’s list.
6. Prestige and recognition
 If all the special invitations and inclusions in exclusive events aren’t already enough recognition, being on the dean’s list is pretty much synonymous with intellectual smarts and success in university.